easy way to play itunes library on Oppo 105 player

Hi everyone,I am thinking about purchasing a Oppo 105 universal player,i am now in the process of ripping all my cd collection to my iTunes library in lossless.My question is what is the best way to play them through the Oppo,I was thinking maybe a usb memory stick,would this work,if so how do I get the music from iTunes to memory stick,as you can probably guess I am new to digital,so keep answers simple.I am now using a McIntosh 861 cd player,Coda electronics,& Magnepan 3.6s I want to use the Oppo 105 to watch dvd,blu ray & play cds & SACD.Also will sound quality of the memory stick be good enough for the maggies ?
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I know nothing about iTunes so I can't help you with how you get music from iTunes to a memory stick, but I can tell you this: once you have your digital audio files on a USB memory stick and you plug that stick into the Oppo, the sound quality that you'll get is going to be determined primarily by the sound quality of the digital file, not the Oppo's playback of it. In other words, garbage in, garbage out. Nirvana in, Nirvana out. So if you are worried about the Oppo being a limiting factor, you are worrying about the wrong thing. There are other ways, besides a memory stick or harddrive into a USB port, to play digital files through an Oppo 105 (e.g., either a wired or a wireless connection to a home network are also possible). They all offer equally good sound quality from what I've been able to tell.
Since the Oppo 105 has digital inputs, perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to connect your computer to the Oppo through one of these (either USB or optical). You would then select the appropriate source on the Oppo, and use iTunes on the computer to control playback.

I have never used a USB memory stick for audio playback, but I would imagine all you would need to do is copy the artist folders containing your individual tracks from the iTunes folder to the USB stick. Of course with this method you would be controlling playback from the Oppo.

This USB stick method would seem less convenient than connecting directly to your computer because every time you added an album or made a change, you would have to update the USB stick. Plus you would need to purchase a stick large enough to hold your library.

As the second response states, you could also connect the Oppo to the same network as your computer. However this is more complicated and I believe would require you to install some type of media server software on your computer.