Easy way to find that hard to get import.

I have been slowing collecting everything recorded by the Beaux Arts Trio, hopefully on CD. They probably have at some point recorded every piano trio.

I was reading about Rachmaninov, and the article mentioned his piano trio and further mentioned the best recording in the opinion of the writer was by the Beaux Arts Trio.

Search, Amazon.Com, CDNOW.Com, FYE.Com, TowerRecords.com, and so on. Nothing at all; not even a mention of it being out of stock. Does it even really exist?

A Google search finds a link that reveals that this recording was never released in North America; it is only available in Europe.

Now there are places that will try to get you imports. This means paying a premium and waiting months or longer to get the recording, if at all.

A few days later I was surfing the TowerRecords.COM website and I remembered my visit to the big Tower Records at Picadilly Circus in London. Just for fun at the address bar at the top of the web browser I backed up over the ".COM" and changed it to ".CO.UK". I was instantly transported to the Tower Records UK website.

A quick search revealed that they had the Rachmaninov/Beaux Arts CD in stock, as well as a CD of Ravel/Chausson Trios that was also never released in North America.

I choose them and click "Add to cart". It asks me for my login name or to sign up. I decided to just type in the same Login I use for the USA website., It not only finds my US account information, it converted the price total to US dollars and automatically chooses International Air Mail for shipping method ($10 for up to 3 single CDs). 24 hours later I get an E-Mail telling me my order has been shipped.

I am surprised Tower has never advertised they will do this. I wonder what other companys will do the same?? I am one happy camper.

I was back surfing Tower Records UK website and I noticed that some CD listings say "Ships from USA". In other words; UK shoppers are offered items available in the USA; but we in the USA are only offered items available locally.

I am not complaining. I just find it interesting. I suppose people in Europe are accustom to buying goods that are shipped from other countries; and dealing with potential customs and duties. Offering that to the typical American shopper would just cause confusion.

Sugar, try Amazon.com.UK (I'm not sure I've got the wording right, maybe it's AmazonUK.com) also! I got a CD from an English artist 5 days after ordering online, faster than if I ordered from Amazon USA.
Thanks Sarah. It works as www.amazon.co.uk
suarbrie: another great site for classical and other recordings is HMV (canada). just did a search for the heluvit and found the beaux arts rachmaninov for $24.99 (CND), $16.44 (USD).


Thanks Kelly !! I forgot about them. I was in a couple of the HMV Toronto stores last summer. (FYI: that Beaux Arts/Rach Trio CD is a "special order" so they don't really have it).

I was at the Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress this past thursday, for a concert by the Beaux Arts Trio. Menahem Pressler the pianist is the only original member. Does not matter, the other players are top drawer. The cellist Antonio Meneses was a Tchaikovsky competition winner (Gold Metal). Mr Pressler is my favorite living pianist. I had the pleasure of meeting him one on one last spring.

Red Trumpet lists a lot of import material.
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I've found www.cdconnection.com to have the best selection of cd's. They often will have two or three import choices.