Easy tonearm replacement for Empire 598?

Apparently some audio enthusiasts feel the stock 990 tonearm is too heavy and destructive to vinyl.

I am restoring my 598 and will be getting around to rewiring the tonearm soon but if there is a better alternative that does not require new drilling or machining (or if its minor)I'm open.

Somebody suggested an SME tonearm to me- but didn't give me a model number or anything.

Any experience out there?
I'm in the process of mounting a Jelco 750 to my 398. Send me an email and I'll forward some pics to you.
I have an AR (Jelco made) arm on a 598. You are limited in arm choices since the arm has to work in the mount provided- unless you resort to some clever machining. Good Luck!
Nothing wrong with the Empire arm if it is in good condition; just needs the right low compliance cartridge.

The Denon 103/103R is the perfect match for that arm. The hotrodded versions of those cartridges can compete with the very best.

Might be worth going down that road.
I wouldn't worry about a 598 arm in good condition being destructive to your vinyl. I bought a 598 new many years ago and used it for probably at least 15 years. I've upgraded turntables twice since owning the 598 and I've never detected any audible degradation in the vinyl I played on it. This weekend I listened to a number of albums from the late seventies that I played ad nauseum on the Empire and was struck at how great they still sound.
Thank you, everyone.

Ok, another question. What kind of oil for the main bearing?
I was never very fussy about bearing oil. I just cleaned out the bearing with cotton sheeting wrapped around a q-tip and then lubed it with automotive differential oil. Never had any appreciable bearing wear after all those years of very regular use.
Most old vintage turntables made in the United States used regular automotive motor oil. The Rek-O-Kut, for example, used SAE 20. That said, Photon46's suggestion of a heavier, but similar, oil is a good one because the heavier weight provides a bit more dynamic braking. That's a good thing, and the Papst motor on the Empire can easily handle the extra drag on the system.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, you could try some of the more modern oils. Recently, I lubed a Fairchild 750 transcription turntable with a heavy weight of synthetic Royal Purple industrial grade oil. It was SAE 64, if I remember correctly. I also put a small amount of Royal Purple grease at the bottom of the bearing well. The results were very nice.
We use Dextron automatic transmission fluid. A couple of drops is all you need.
Did you try an oil that was heavier? If you did, what did you hear?
Mosin, I was mostly interested in an oil that would stand up for years without loosing much to the air due to neglect. Motor oil works fine too but to not last as long as it seems more volatile. We are talking about years here...