Easy to use NAS? Trouble with file loading

Hi all,
I've been using a WD MyCloud for a couple of years. I still buy CDs, rip them on my desktop, then transfer to the NAS with File Explorer. This is a very laborious and time consuming process which does not always work the same way twice. The W10 pc with a usb storage device is connected to my router with ethernet, as is the NAS, and recently a transfer of a moderate sized set of files failed multiple times over the course of several hours until I canceled the job. I find it incomprehensible that WD does not have a basic file transfer dialog that comes with the HW. I'm tired of screwing with it.

Do any of you use a NAS which is easy to copy files into? Or a simple to use recommended process other than file explorer?

As long as you have to use the internet/network to transfer files to a NAS, it is never "easy".  I have the WD My cloud NAS and on recommendation purchased a Synology DS281i NAS.  It really isn't the file transfer that is the problem.  Set up and file transfer is basically the same.

I like the Synology better.

The real problem is you internet provider's file "upload" speed.  Which is typically much slower than the file download speed and if you are trying to upload files during high traffic times, the speed is even slower and may fail.  Look at you internet provider contract and see what the "upload" speed is, or call them and ask.  My provider actually acknowledged that my up upload speed was slower than what I was paying for and he made an adjustment and immediately it got faster.

Internet providers play games with people and upload and download speeds.

What I don't understand is why we can't simply use USB protocols to transfer files to a NAS instead of using the network.  


I have a Melco N1A music server which I basically use as my NAS.
I have a choice of uploading files via one of its USB inputs or of just simply copying and pasting or dragging and dropping files stored elsewhere on my network.
When I did the initial load to the Melco of my collection of uncompressed Flacs, I accomplished this by just connecting an external USB drive to the Melco. When I’m uploading just a handful of recent rips, I do that by the copy and paste method. As it so happens, I also have a WD Mycloud device for non music needs. Although I’ve never made use of it, my WD Mycloud does have a USB input.
Your ISP has nothing to do with the speed of your LAN. You say you have a Windows PC with a USB device attached are you trying to copy from the USB device to the NAS?
My experience with a QNAP NAS is that large batch files transferred from an external hard drive through USB interface will move an order of magnitude faster with the USB-attached hard drive direct-connected to the NAS, rather than connected to a Windows computer and onward through Ethernet to the NAS.
However, smaller files, such as a single rip of a CD or SACD file on a Windows PC, transfer quickly and reliably from PC to a NAS via wireless or wired Ethernet. 

Here's the path: Toshiba external drive > usb > w10 pc (file explorer)> ethernet > trendnet switch > ethernet > ATT Uverse router > ethernet > switch > ethernet > WD MyCloud
Here's the path: Toshiba external drive > usb > w10 pc (file explorer)> ethernet > trendnet switch > ethernet > ATT Uverse router > ethernet > switch > ethernet > WD MyCloud
Map a drive to the MyCould put the files on the PC instead of the external USB then copy from the PC to the mapped drive on your computer, mapping the drive when copying always seems faster to me or if you can attach the USB drive to the MyCloud which would be the fastest.