Easy to drive, outstandingly natural sound from 40-50 Hz up.....AN-E, O/96, others?

If my goal were to find natural-sounding, dynamic, and efficient speakers that can be driven with a somewhat lower-powered a (i.e., 50-watt SS) amplifier, and that work well with a variety of music, would I be looking at AN-Es, O/96s, or which others?
I am not particularly interested in using a 10-20 watt SET, but being able to use something lower-powered than the 300-watt amplifiers required for my 85dB speakers would open up a lot of other amplifier options and simplify things for me.  I have two fairly high-quality powered subs so the goal would be to fill my (moderately large) room from 40-50 Hz and up and let the subs handle the lower registers.
Any thoughts on the two speakers listed, or recommendations for others?

Thank you both!  Is it okay if I publicly agree with your opinions???



I would give the Cube Audio Nenuphar serious attention. I know an owner of them who’s opinion I have considerable regard for. He says this is a superb and very natural sounding speaker. Open sounding to the point that they seem to completely disappear in the listening room. Also an exceptionally easy impedance  load. Perhaps one the very finest single driver speakers currently available.
Try Audiokinesis Jazz Module 2.0 + Space Generator..it will blow your mind. It reaches down to 25Hz in my room and amazes each and every friend who visited me.
Another vote for Spatial Audio 
AN-15 Alinco Classic speakers are the only speakers that have gotten me to the I am there point, but they are extremely revealing thus intolerant of poor upstream gear.