Ok I am new here so take it easy on me. About 20 years ago I was all in with some high end with a nice $5-7k system comprising of MK sub, BK amps and processor, NHT speakers, etc, etc. It was great fun but I was single and had time to fiddle. Thanks to thieves who stole it all and my prized vintage A/D/S system it ended.

Last set up I had was all built in with a modest Sony receiver and the wife would yell at me during every movie to stop playing with the stereo.

Here I am two kids later looking to set up a nice AV system. I know everybody hates the Bose word but what other set up is plug and play with better sounding gear? I know their quality doesn't compare but besides being marketing gurus they have done the one thing that the other Co's haven't and that is listen to the modern consumer.

I am sure plenty of Bose buyers would love better sounding equipment but trying to explain to the wife to switch 3 things on and go through a ritual that involves everything but standing on her head while trying to cue up the latest Spongebob movies doesn't fly.

I do not want to get into an I hate Bose debate. There are plenty of speaker options including HSU and a nice Carver set up for sale here. I know Nad and Linn had all in one receivers a couple years ago and there are some for sale. Problem is the inputs appear outdated.

Anything come to mind where I can get my quality and keep the family happy also. I really think the Co's are focusing so hard on the speaker aspect they are missing the entire deal not having a component that is plug and play.

I am open to any ideas and am one to listen to the die hard Bose buyer to the
$100k speaker guy. I am here to learn. I understand half the fun is the hunt for most but I am ready to buy.

Do not fall for the Bose trap, please! You can assemble a very nice system for reasonable money that will blow the Bose junk outta the water.

And to make it VERY easy to control, just get something like a Harmony programmable remote. Then your wife will simply pick "Watch TV", "Play Music", "Watch Movie", etc. and the remote will take care of getting everything turned on and selected. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

*Excellent* gear for very reasonable money can be found from Emotiva.com (Big Summer Sale right now!), Sherbourn.com (Big Summer Sale right now!), Tekton Design (speakers), RoundSound.com (Gallo Speakers - 60-day in-home trial, your wife will LOVE the Micro SEs or the Stradas).

Do a little research and you will end up with a very nice system that kills the Bose stuff in every way for less money...

Heed RW's advice. Don't rush into this as you'll find something better right after you plunk your hard earned dollars down on that Bose system.
A blu ray player hook up to a new HT receiver via hdmi cable and 5 speakers + sub and wires are all you need. (There is nothing hard about setting this system up and running since most new blu ray player and HT receiver do it for you 90% automatically). Playing movie or music is just simply a press of a button. A much better approach than a one life, one package Bose system.
Agree - you can get excellent sound and convenience. What is your budget, room dimensions, what % will home theater and what % just music?

If you want the best bang for the buck, buy used. The recommendations RL makes are excellent. But there is a lot out there, and with more information people can make more specific recommendations.
Most HT receivers now come with very good software that make setting them up very easy through an on-screen menu with a few selections for configuration. I also like the ones with built in audessy room correction where you put an included mic in the listening spot and it does all of the level setting for your speakers and sub automatically. That is pretty good plug-n-play as far as getting your receiver installed.

As far as working with mom, this is still a challenge in my home. I bought a pretty nice all in one remote but the "activities" never can seem to be in the right sync with where the system is at any given time so you end up going back to the 4 remotes that we use (playstation, tv, receiver, and directv). I tried to program the directv remote to control my denon receiver volume and couldn't get it to work.
Why can't audio Co's give consumers what they want, audiophile sound with easy all in one component??

I think they are so concerned with the speaker aspect that they are missing a huge market which Bose confirms on a daily basis.

Easy set up and a remote that works all of the time without getting out of sync. I also like the seperate approach and all the searching and tinkering that is involved but sometimes in front of a family of 4 you want to hit one button and make everyone happy.
I bought my friend an Arcam CDP/receiver that also reads USB devices. I paired it with a pair of Allison CD6 speakers for a pretty nice and very simple bedroom system.
To expensive for the masses, too cheap for audiopliles.
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