Easy on the eyes. Easy on the ears. Faouzia

I'm late to the game, but God, I just heard this singer for the first time today. Stunning. Here are some YouTube links:

I listened to her and couldn't get by the very fast vibrato and the electronic augmentation of the voice.
For a goof I clicked on one link. 
  As said above, the warbly computer generated auto-tune voice thing is horrible!

 Another fake untalented singer.
   Without a computer, or auto tune, just another eejit. 

Checked it out. I lasted about 10 seconds. I can’t stand auto tune singers but with her looks I am sure there’s some producer out there that can make a product out of her because that’s really what Pop music is all about
Horses for courses.

What is with this "modern" style of delivery? To me it’s a combination of shouting with no sense of melody and harmony.

Just my opinion - that was painful. If you dig it...CRANK IT UP!
I gave it  another shot. Yeah, it's awful-all of the linked videos. That stuff is painful to watch and listen to.

Reading the YT reviews confirms I'm living in another reality.
All the reviewers love this performer. This must be the same crowd that likes all those other millennial  "performers"? 

She has that odd cadence and vocal style that todays young listeners are drawn to.