Easy fix for Pioneer PL-10...

Rather an amusing TRUE tale but worth sharing when restoring vintage tables... Purchased from thrift store for cheap, bearing was frozen. I needed some serious pliers to release it from the dried grease that had turned to cement. Looked inside the bearing well, and lo and behold, there were TWO ball bearings! A company like Pioneer in the early seventies, capable of mass-producing monster recievers, I figured the MUST have done this for a reason, no?

I cleaned and lubed, then reassembled, and as you would expect, the bearings made quite a racket! I removed the spindle once again, removed the extra ball, and now I am enjoying this vintage table-- it's really not too bad in a vintage sort of way!
The suspension has little bits of foam rubber inside of the springs for damping that has most likely deteriorated. Remove the dried out foam rubber and cut little pieces of new foam rubber and wind them into the springs. If you have not done this already you will be surprise at how refined your PL10 can sound. Use medium density gray foam rubber.