Easy, cheap tweak

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the Mapleshade website, and I saw a product called Heavyhats - brass weights that you put on top of your components to damp vibration. I didn't think much about it at the time.

Well, tonight I was rearranging some bookshelves, and I came upon a couple of small brass bookends. I remembered the Heavyhats, so I put one on top of my Oppo 105, and I'll be damned if it didn't make a very significant difference! There was suddenly far less sibilance, and the bass was deeper and more controlled. The music just seemed to flow with much greater ease. I put the otter bookend on top of my integrated, and there was another jump in performance, although not as dramatic as with the CD player.

A pretty cool discovery - might be worth trying.

Brass hats placed onto the flexible chassis surface may seem to boost vibrations instead of reducing.
If you don't care how it looks, textbooks work very well. If you put cones under the component, that helps too.
Zd, for the better looks did you try usin' dirty magazines on there?
"07-25-14: Czarivey
Zd, for the better looks did you try usin' dirty magazines on there?"

That's a trick question. An audiophile could never afford dirty magazines because all the money goes to cables. The only exception is TAS and Stereophile. Without them, we wouldn't know what cables to buy.
Anyone can afford some issue of dirty magazine. Sometimes they're found among craigslist free items.
Thank you for the information.
I use bricks with a felt pad underneath. I invented brick technology about 30 yrs ago.
Of course it should be pointed out that the original VPI Brick wasn't a brick at all.
Yes Thank you. Was just being a smart___. I like books too.
I use red bricks and wrap them in saran wrap. A more transparent sound that way.
Cats often like to rest on top of amp. May work like a cheap tweak as well. Knowing that hair-less cat such as sphynx may work the best, but might be pricey to purchase.
Also as we know, cats are also jazz musicians, so spiritually the sound should improve while cat is on the top of amp.
I don't have cats, but my parrot(400g Severe Macaw) often lands on top of my speakers. I haven't noticed any sound changes though.
Must try the Saran wrap on my red bricks.
Darker bricks give a blacker background.
Do you really think? Will check that out.