Easy and simple, with great sound.....HELP

My Vandersteen 1C's are now driven by a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp, with my NAD 533/RB-250/Goldring Elektra front end plugged directly into the Rogue's phono stage. Beautiful analog music from my large collection of jazz LP's (mostly small ensemble acoustic...Brubeck, Miles, 'Trane, Rollins, Peterson, etc.) A new Goldring stylus and an upgrade to a Rega glass platter has really enhanced the whole package, and I'm very happy with how my music sounds.....quite nice.

I soon want to buy a new analog rig, and I do not want to buy a separate phono stage. I therefore need a pick-up over 2.5 mV., so I can still use the Rogue's phono stage.
Also, since the table/arm/cartridge package is obviously so incredibly confusing to put together on my own (no local dealers that sell analog, so auditioning is inpossible), I'm thinking of one of the highly regarded "pre-assembled packages" that are out there.

My budget is under $2000........I'm considering the Rega P5/Rega Exact II ($1900), the Marantz TT-15/Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood ($1850 with dustcover), and the Music Hall MMF-7.1/Goldring Eroica H ($1500). I'm assuming that these cartridges work well on the respective tables (right ?)

I'd love to hear your advice on these three particular set-ups, or any other ideas. Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !!
If you could stretch your budget just a bit and get a VPI Scout and a high output Benz or Dynavektor cartridge, you'd really smile.
Of the three I would buy the Rega.
I had a Rega P5/Exact combo and was happy until I upgraded to the P7 and Dynavector DV20XH - I am very happy now. For your budget a P5 with a DV20XH (will require 2 2mm shims under the arm base). There is just something about the Rega sound I keep coming back to.
Stringreen, Narrod, and Miner42.....Thanks for your input.

If I take the "average" of your recommendations, it seems as if the Rega P5 with the Dynavector pick-up is the way to go. That makes sense, and I'll "research" this idea further. Let's assume that the Dynavector will sound better than the Rega Exact II...Is the Dynavector 20XH a big improvement over the highly regarded 10x5 ?

I'm still looking forward to more help from my fellow Audiogoners. Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !!