Eastern Electric out of business?

I own a MiniMax integrated, great little unit. Anyhoots noticed their site is ancient, Morningstar (only USA dealer) is closed, sent an email to German dealer, that bounced.

Anybody know?
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I recently spoke to Bill the owner and yes they are closed as he retired.  Wonderful guy BTW.  They had some very nice products! 
@grannyring Thanks for the update. Bill was the USA dealer, the firm itself is in Japan. Or am I wrong on that? Bill was the EE owner? 
Bill was the owner and the other gentleman who designed much of it is from Japan. 
AFAIK, Bill owns Morningstar which is/was the US importer for Eastern Electric.  Yes, he is a great guy.  Happy retirement Bill!

Here is the company, (EE) website:


Alex Yeung owns Eastern Electric, so I think the actual company is still around, but will need a new US importer...

I notice they don't seem to be in the  huge adds in the Brit  audio rags,few years ago they were .Company was out of Hong-Cong .
Bill told me the company is no longer in business. His words all. 
Bill told me the company is no longer in business.
Sorry for the confusion.  Bill's company was Morningstar and is no longer, he retired.  I wasn't aware that he had vested interest in Eastern Electric?

So, both companies are gone?
Understood now.  I guess I am not completely sure as your last comment has me wondering.  Good point.  I just don’t know for sure. 
Morningstar is shuttered. Bill, who owned that, was the USA dealer for EE. 

Back to my *original question:* who knows about EE? Their website is so poor with bad info, it makes no sense. 
Hi Guys,

 Eastern Electric & Morningstar Audio are no longer in business.
 Alex Yeung of Eastern Electric has now moved on to better opportunities.
although his heart still loves circuit design and electrical engineering.
 I have retired and closed Morningstar Audio. Been working since I was a kid and reached the age where I could retire. Always worked two jobs and I'm tired at 65. So onto some travel and finding out what the Lord has in store for me now.

 Thank you all for your support.
 May Love Always Abide,
Bill, best of luck on your retirement.  Thanks for all your help along the way!
Best of luck, Bill on a well-deserved retirement. Live long and enjoy.
Best of luck, love my Minimax phonostage!!!
As an owner of an Eastern Electric BBA, I´m wondering if there´s no technical support for Eastern Electric products since the company is out of business. What do you think?
I think companies  that  no longer exist  have NO service .
I own 3 EE items , only problem in a decade was a broken tube holder in
my killer Avant preamp which was an easy fix for local tech .
All EE is built better than average.