Eastern Electric MiniMax Preamp Mod.

Has anyone heard the new mod offered with the EE MiniMax preamp? Apparently it has a bigger power supply, different output coupling caps, and a few resistor changes. How does it compare to the unmodded preamp?
I recently purchased the new modded MM Pre, and it still is breaking in. Out the box you will notice more bass and low level detail. The soundstage and resolution is said to improve, also. There is also about 2 DB less gain from the original which helped for low volume settings in my system. It will require 200 plus hours of use to fully break in. I am using the new MM Pre with the EE MM Amp and CDP with Galante Rhapsody speakers. Great combination!

The modded Pre-amp also provides more tube options. You can now use 12AT7/6201/ECC81, 12AY7, or 12AV7/5965 tubes in the middle position only for more tube rolling options.