Eastern Electric Minimax preamp-how good is it?

Hi. I keep hearing the Eastern Electric Minimax preamp popping up in several threads as a great pre. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this unit, and how does it stack up against other preamps in the $1-4K range? Is it one of those units that is "good at it's price point" or truly a superb preamp? I am always kind of leery when I see a preamp priced so low (currently $700) when I hear people comparing it favorably to $4K preamps-usually the "you get what you pay for" phrase is true, but not always....
I've had the opportunity to listen to this Pre Amp. both in store and at a freinds home................., And I believe it's a very wonderful sounding unit. It's very refined & balanced sounding. Search for reviews on both Audioasylum & 6moons. At the current asking prices it's a steal. One of the most musical little pre amps. I've ever hear. PERIOD,