Eastern Electric Minimax CD vs Jolida 100

Has anyone compared the sound of these 2 players?

Minimax - 6922 tubes, Burr-Brown 1732 DAC
Jolida - 12AX7A tubes, Burr-Brown DAC

They are priced similar at around $900. Which did you prefer and why?


they are briefly reviewed against one another on page 3 of this review: http://6moons.com/audioreviews/eelectric3/stack.html
hope this helps,
i prefer neither. both sound like they don't have a tube analog stage. the minimax probably was the greater of the 2 evils.

That's how I see some other tubed CD players (Shanling). They sound totally solid state to my ears, don't know what is the use of tubes though?

but, do you have any other suggestions about good CD player under 1000 $?
i am a reviewer and have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to find a cd player which has a tube analog stage which sounds like it has tubes and is tube sensitive.

i can't recommend any player under $1000 and would have a problem myself finding one to satisfy my taste.
I must respectfully disagree. I have the EE Minimax and LOVE it. So far I have tried the stock tubes, JJ Tesla, and I have Amperex orange globes on the way. The JJs sound completely different in the Minimax than the stock. Much warmer and more analog like without question. Not a bad tube at all for the money. So I have found the Minimax to be sensitive to tube rolling so far.. and am loving the experience.
I also have the minimax.I believe i have the amperex6922 tubes right now instead of the stock.Love this player but to each his own.I had actually decided on it after i compared it to the rotel rcd1072.I havent been able start any kind of tube rolling since its new to me.Havent heard the jolida.