Eastern Electric Mini Max Preamp - WOW

Yesterday I auditioned the AES DJH Signature (Cary) vs. the Easetrn Electric Mini Max in a head to head shoot out at the Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. After spending nearly four hours of pure musical glory, I did something very uncharacteristic. I purchased the Eastern Electric preamp - a company that I had never even heard of before. The AES was impressive but seemed a bit too laid back when compared to the Mini Max. If anyone is looking for a tubed preamp in the $1200 range, I highly recommend you audition this tiny masterpiece of simplicity. It comes with the bare essentials and nothing more. I'd love to hear any other opinions on this little gem.
Opinion? No. I have a MiniMax and I dumped my EAR 834L.
Our Rogue 66 (a nice pre itself) was sold and now sits a majestic sounding Minimax (It beat out a Joule I was auditioning). This pre does something special. Gives you the musical midrange of classic designs (Tube retifacation perhaps?) with the modern imaging, clarity, detail and freq. extremes of new ones (point to point wiring?). Solid contruction, heavy transformer, tube retifation/choke power supply and point to point wiring are some of its features. Just a note, I believe all user demo units that has gone out have not come back. : )
I love mine to. My Hovland HP 100 is collecting dust.