Eastern Electric Mini Max CD No Longer made ?

Curious as to if anyone knows why Eastern Electic Discontinued the Mini Max CD Player. I think it was made for 4 years, then dropped.
I have sent emails to Eastern Electric and the Distributor and no straight answer other then " Not Available any longer"
Where there issues with this player they just want to advoid answering?
I want a "Tube" player and do not want to spend many dollars as 95 percent of the time it just sits there as I am more into analog.
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It's a brilliant player that was discontinued due to "transport" issues.
Bill @ Morningstar (US Distributor) told me that he dropped the CDP due to the inevitable migration to server-based music (paraphrasing). I didn't think that was a very good or understandable reason, perhaps there is more behind it. Nevertheless, that's what he said.

Makes the units out there more of collector's items now, eh? If you can call Chinese mass-marketed budget components 'collectible'. :) Still, too bad as it's a great player. I use one now and am looking forward to some upgraded tubes on order.
They are still fairly regularly available here, if you're patient they will pop up.
You still have 2 budget choices w/ tube output left. Jolida JD100 and Cary CD308T