Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!

Well hearing aids of course (if you need them and many don’t realize they do). I was diagnosed with asymmetrical hearing loss in my right ear over a year ago at only age 52. Entirely in the upper frequency. (As hearing loss per my ENT is almost always symmetrical, the protocol for this unusual diagnosis is a MRI brain scan to rule out a tumor; thank God everything was normal there).

Anyway, while expensive (partially covered by Insurance in most plans in the States), the different listening to music is in absolute terms startling. The proverbial veil is wayyyyy lifted particularly on lyrics but really the whole presentation is improved from the midrange thru to the top registers.

Keep this in mind before upgrading your electronics or speakers and perhaps instead upgrade the most critical precision instrument....your ears! I share this and if it helps one member on here, well that would be really great.
Does anyone use, "Bone Conduction Transducers", with or without,  "EQ,", and/or, "Signal Processing"? Just wondering where that particular technology is at the moment. But also, where is it going?
Wondering about applications in both "H.A.", and also, "HiFi", as well. 
    At the last "Axpona", which was actually held, I do remember some rather large adds involving this, (Not so new), "Tech", as I walked through. And there was some talk about this also, as I remember it. That talk, "Touting", it's use in the realm of, "HiFi". 
 The only one's of this type, "Bone conduction transducers", that I have used worked great and they simply, "Amazed", "Everyone", at that time. But this was back in the very early 80's. "USN".

Sorry I am late to the party, but  found your post both informative and fascinating.  Having similar issues and preconceived the outcome (probably wrongly) -  so I am sincerely hoping you could PM me if you have time as I’d truly appreciate your input on this topic.