Easiest way to compare ICs

Has anyone noted that one side benefit of having a multi-channel SACD player is that two pairs of ICs can be hooked up concurrently to two different inputs. Assuming your pre-amp has a remote control (and of course proper "burn in" of the cables has taken place and you're listening to a two channel CD) a true A/B test switching between inputs can occur.

This has made my life a little easier.
Depending on which multichannel player you have, it is quite possible that the outputs that you are switching between may have differences in frequency response or noise characteristics. As such, one set of cables may be at a disadvantage to the others. As such, you might like Cable A on Output A and write Cable B on Output B off even though Cable B might have really been magnificent if you had tried it on Output A. Sean
Sean- I appreciate your comment. Even though the Sony manual actually says that the outputs concerned (L/R on 2 channel and front L/R on 5 channel when listening to 2 channel recordings) are the same, I have switched the outputs (as well as the inputs on the pre-amp) just to make sure.
I mentioned this as the Philips SACD 1000 actually has measurably different responses between the 2 channel analogue outs and the multi-channel analogue outs. I can't remember if the manual makes mention of this or not, but according to JA's test results in Stereophile, the two are not identical. Going by what my ears and his measurements had to say, the multi-channel outputs are the best to use on this specific player. Just thought that i'd mention this as it might come into play on other units too. Sean