Easiest to use Processor

My father is looking for an easy to use processor; currently he owns the Lexicon MC-12 but has some trouble with the configuration and options. What processors would be a suitable replacement while being easy to use?

Most settings dont need played with once its set, why not get some help, do it right and enjoy. I say this because it seems some folks have an easy understanding of setting up and navigating menus, and some dont. All upper level units have a certain amount of complexity, as your dad obviously has a desire for a good performer (already owning a Lexicon) he is most likey going to have to get somebody to go over all set-up and calibration and then rarely adjust it...........thats how it should be anyway.
My father has a Lexicon and is not very good at messing with it, I am at the point now where I have learned the Lexicon so well that I can talk him thru any problem or adjustment on the phone, as we dont live near eachother.
If I may be of help let me know.
I wish I could just tell him not to play around with it, but he cannot resist it and will continue you to do it regardless. I'm looking at a few other processors, but have not settled on anything specific yet.

I would recommend Rotel for it's simplicity. If Rotel isn't hi-end enough - Classe would be my next recommendation.
Sounds like he needs to mess with anything you might try to put him in, if a dealer will let him. Or print out PDF manuals and have him see if it appears he will like and know how to use the new unit.
I don't think they get more intuitive than Lexicon.

I was going to say the same about Rotel (I happen to own the RSP 1068) but it gets little respect around here so I didnt at first offer my opinion. If it is mostly movies it is fantastic for the price, if music is primary concern it gets harder to say by the Rotel. It is too bad the Lexicon may be leaving your dads system, it is a great unit.
I have the McIntosh MX135 and find that once it is set I can easily make adjustmenst to sub/cntr/surroun with the trim adjustments. And when ever it cycles on/off it restores the setting I have set as default. But for each movie he can adjsut the trim as he sees fit and not lose his settings.
Perhaps you might set the thing up then a learning remote that only does the major functions---Leave the original remote tucked away.--On easy to use---I had the Onkyo high end brand and it was the simplest to use of anything I have had;since.
NAD Receiver. Simple and hi quality at modest price. No preamp processor wil be entirely simple and it sounds like simplicity is what you seek. NAD is simplicity but quality.
NAD is not bad but Rotel has far more adjustments and is very simple aswell.