Earthquake Supernova MKVI

Hello all.

I am thinking about buying a Supernova MKVI 15inch sub. Heard it is really good. I have B&W 803Ds as front, HTM2 as center.
Does anyone know if this will be a good combo? Any experiences of the MKVI 15?

I think they are excellent subs if you get them for about $1,000 used.

The JL Audio Fathom F113 is better musically but the Earthquake really shines with movies.

I have owned both the Earthquake and JL Audio but the JL works a lot better in pairs when used for movies. A single Earthquake puts out a lot more spl's than a single JL.

If you have the money you would be hard pressed to find a better sub system then a pair of JL Fathoms. If you are mainly using it for movies and want to save a few thousand then the Earthquake is a no brainer.