Earthquake CineNova Amps need feedback

I would like to get feedback from owners of these Amps. I have read great reviews, so I purchased 2 of their 3 channel Amps for my home theater. They are still in the crates in my garage because i need to create a space for them, they are so large. I have not seen any posts on this Amp. Why? are they not all that the reviewers say they are? please respond if you have any information or opinions on these Amps.
Thanks in advance.
I don't know if this will help or hurt but my brother-in-law has one of these. The bad news is that it is back for warranty repairs for the second time in three months. The good news is that it sounds very good.

I am driving Aerial LR5s and CC5s with a Theta Dreadnaught and two SW12s. The Theta is sweet and does a great job but the Earthquake stands up very well against it.

I think Earthquake kept costs down by not investing too much in the aesthetics and went for pure power. Detail and clarity leave nothing to be desired. They drive my Aerials (very power hungry) without any strain even at full range with the SWs not involved.

I would give them a wholehearted endorsement if it weren't for the quality issues. I will say that Earthquake has been very cooperative and even paid all the shipping charges. If the unit holds up for a sustained run I may consider one.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Curious as to any comparison of the earthquake cinenova 5 vs. the ead powermaster 2000? Thanks!