Earthquake Cinenova 5 ch amp

I am considering an Earthquake 300 watt per ch amp for my 7.1 system. Was looking into Lexicon, Bel Canto or Bryston power but cannot find an easy, nor inexpensive, combination which would yield 300 watts across the 3 front speakers. I never even thought of Earthquake until a friend reccommended I look at them. I've read several very favorable reviews on this model which is really 5 mono amps in one huge and heavy chassis and they all agree it's not just the extra power but sound quality which makes them attractive. I have B&K now, which sound very nice, but need more power in my expanded theater room. Anyone have experience with Earthquake amps?
It is the sleeping GIANT in multichannel amplifiers! Fantastic power, excellent reserves, does surprisingly well in 2 channel, and of course for HT. The company has an excellent response to service and support, and for the price these sell for on the preowned market, I often wonder why anyone would buy Parasound, B&K, etc.

Bryston amps are equally as good, and the 9BST with 120 x 5 has similar power. Don't get caught up in watts, as current and joules are also important. Not to mention, for every 3db increase in SPL you need to DOUBLE power. So, all things being equal, the 9BST would be about 4db less 'loud' than the Earthquake, and I assure you, no one in the world would ever hear the difference in output, especially in a Home Theater environment.

The Bryston has a 20 year warranty, Earthquake has 10. It makes both of these amps the leaders of multi channel amps on the preowned market.

i use their sub in my ht and it is great. they also have great customer service. if you go to home theater spot, they have a forum dedicated to earthquake products.

aloha keith
Thanks Dan, that greatly reassuring. The reviews on it were universally excellent, but I thought it just sounded too good to be true for the money. Now I need a 2 channel amp for my rear surrounds. They're very efficient JM Lab 2-way bookshelfs, so I have alot of options. I can't wait to hear the 3 way, JM Electra floorstanders, center channel and main surrounds with 300 watts to feed on!

And thanks to you too Keith...I'll go to that forum.