EARS versus SACD.

Is it possible NOT to hear difference between so called red book and SACD? I wonder how ,can that happen?
any Ideas ?
Anything is possible within a diverse group of audiophiles. Some posters systems are extremely revealing and some are not.

When you consider the above, and factor in the vast differences among red book CD players (not even considering the variation among SACD players), there are going to be discrepancies. The easiest thing would be to search among the dozens of posts already covering this topic at Audiogon.

Next you should pay your local dealer a visit, borrow the SACD player that appeals to you, and listen in your own system.

Last, post your results, and list the equipment your results were obtained with. The next person who asks this question just might consider your results in their buying decision.
Not all SACD's will sound better than their redbook counterparts - some SACD's are just overpriced cd's - I have personally experienced this and also read it later in an interview with Mark Levinson (the man).