Ears. The ultimate handicap.

I know this might sound a bit silly, but have you ever been listening to music and pushed the back of your ears forward just to see how the sound changes? The sound completely changes - i mean completely. Give it a try if you dont believe me. For me vocals highs sound thinner and more promounced. Sounds ridiculous I know. But it got me thinking, if a persons ears a stick out more, or is more cupped looking how is there experience of sound influenenced and thusly the gear they buy. That got me thinking about wouldn't it be an interesting comparison to see what rigs people have and a picture showing the form of their ear. Not sure there would be a correlation. But it would still be interesting.
You make an excellent point. However I fear that the factors influencing the choices of what gear our breed buys are not based on listening alone.......
Oh I absolutely agree. This was more of a pondering thought kinda thing than an absolute.
Everyone has different shaped ears. Who would know if someone would have an ear that is shaped the way you could say theirs doesn't cause a change? Are medium sized ears more neutral? What about the internal parts of everyone's ears? I'd imagine they're all different too.

I think the important part would be that everyone needs to use live music for a reference. If their ear shape makes it sound bright/colored (that is being assumed here) ,it still would be normal for them. When they hear that same music on a system, their ear shape will still most likely be able to know if the reproduction matches that live music.

If anyone else with any ear shape/size does that same test, they're going to hear those changes too.

I think they can recognize a bright, or dark colored system, since they still will know it's different from the live source itself.

So I would say it shouldn't matter. Using the source for a reference is what is important in my opinion.
Based on your observations, what type speakers and amp do you think Alfred P. Newman would own?
Hahahaha! Man I have no idea. But my guess would be a klipsh horn, with some 3 watt SET.
I know it's a silly pointless post. I blame my iPad being in the bathroom next to the magazine rack. But with all the thousands of crazy tweaks and deep thinking I read on A'gon what could one more thought hurt.
I think it is a great post. But you must be careful lest you be declared a .... omg, dare I say it? A TROLL!!!!

crazy tweaks and deep thinkging?? 1 out of 2 ain't bad.:)
have to ask charles darwin....
Alfred E. Newman
Many issues back in Stereophile, Sam Tellig talked about a device he wore over his ears which gave greater focus to the sound and increased his listening enjoyment.
'Many issues back in Stereophile, Sam Tellig talked about a device he wore over his ears which gave greater focus to the sound and increased his listening enjoyment.'

Shhhh not so loud. This could lead a zillion posts on ear thingys. Power cords for ear thingys. Green paint for ear thinys. tube ear thingys, Isolation devices etc.........
There may be a "cryoed" version by now, I'm signing off.
Here's another one for you - you listen to the world upside down ! That is because your eyes set your mind- map up and THEY invert the image your visual cortex receives. Don't believe me, then try this experiment: take a small bright flashlight into a light- tight room. Turn the flashlight on and the room lights off, and stick the flashlight in your mouth, turned on. Close your eyes and look for the red glow. You will perceive it ABOVE your head, not below it.

Bottom line, for ultimate fidelity, you need to listen inverted.
Have you ever been slouched in your chair with your legs crossed? Then you uncross your legs to hear an amazing difference in sound because your knee was blocking the sound.
For all future audiophile recordings.. the shape of the recording engineers ears will be listed on the label.
Maybe a search of antique stored for a pair of ear trumpets is in order. The ears Sam wore were cardboard enlargements which made him look somewhat Vulcan or like a desert fox [ the animal, not Erwin Rommel]. He was actually pictured going to a concert in them; he has more nerve than I do.