Earmax Pro tube roll....help a lost soul

Just got me a brand new Earmax Pro. From what I understand this headphone amp can be greatly improved by swapping the two 6922 tubes and the single 12at7 tube. I could use some advice from fellow Earmax Pro owners, or people who have had great experiance with either tube. I like a tight, detailed, ever so slightly warm sound sound with fast dynamic transients and no "tube mushiness". Highs must be detailed and airy.
Thanks so much my fellow audiophile friends
Go to Headfi.com and do a search on earmax pro .You
should find the answers you are looking for or post a new thread there.
Either Telefunken or Mullard 12AT7, and Telefunken 6DJ8.
try telefunken tubes for very musical, airy and yet revealing tubes. worth every penny nos.
Agree 100% with Tomcanale - some of the regulars over at head-fi have tube rolled practically every head amp you can think of - but the correct URL is www.head-fi.org
The sonics, you are describing, will not be found, with Telefunkens, and especially Mullards. These are rich, warm, lush sounding tubes. With the richness, and warmth, fast transients, are not part of the package. Both have a soft bass, the Mullards, are mushy. The tube closest to the sonics you are asking for, is the Siemen Halske. The Siemen Rohre, are very close, but lack the hint of warmth, you ask for. Transparent, airy, detailed, with a tight bass. If you use the Siemen Rohre, you could try to use, say a Telefunken 12AT7, to restore the warmth, that the Siemen Rohre, lacks.