Early Mac Amps

Can anyone tell me if MC2105's can be bridged? Mcintosh service says no, without any explanation.I think they are just quoting the orginal specs which don't mention bridging, and the people I've dealt with there didn't impress me. If possible to bridge, are there any sonic drawbacks?I would be using them from 750hz down in a biamp system I've always heard bridging can degrade a signal, but don't know from personal experience.I have always believed in more power = better sound.
I use to sell McIntosh amps.
The 2105 cannot be bridged! For people who needed to bridge, they had their non-panlock version, the 2100 that could be bridged.

By the way, I had two 2105's driving double AR-LST's (early verion of the Cello Amati's) Back then, I tried one Krell KST-100, then the cheapest Krell, and it totally blew away the pair of McIntosh amps. I bought the Krell and sold all my McIntosh.

I have been a Krell fan ever since!


Richard Diamond
Richard, Thanks for your response.I actually like the 2105's that I have so much that I don't want to part with them, even though I have an application that could use a bit more power.I've heard mention of a bridging adaptor that can be used, possibly for these amps. Any knowledge of such a critter? Thanks Again, Arlon