Early Linn LP12 or VPI Jr.?

For about the same money, I can buy an early Linn LP12 (serial# 17xxx) with Ultracraft arm and Shure V-15RS cart (or) a VPI HW-19Jr. with Audioquest PT-7 arm and Grado Platinum cart. Which is the better sounding rig for the money? Both are in comparable condition.
each could outperform each other in different systems.
what system are you putting these tts into?
what are your'e musical tastes?
the more info you are able to give the better the advice is likely to be.
there are other tts that can be obtained for similar money.
if you can
audition them both and then decide
happy hunting
I can't speak for the Linn, but I had a VPI HW19 Jr, and a Heybrook TT2 at the same time. The Heybrook TT2 is a Linn clone. I thought the VPI Jr was very mediocre compared to the TT2.

I was using a Audioquest PT6 on both tables.
operational and cosmetic condition are the things i would consider . both are fine players.
I bought my LP12 in 1984...still sounds great!