Early Classe CDP timeline ??


I like my CDP.3, and am thinking about an upgrade. I like the Classe sound, so am thinking about moving within the early Classe.

Can anyone provide some timeline on how the early Classe fit in? In particular the CDP line .3 .5 1 1.5 10 and finally CD/DVD1. I want to know which are improvements over a prior line or within a series. I also gather that Classe was taken over, so insight into quality of pre vs post takeover also useful (and which of the above fit into the pre and post category if relevant).

Thanks -- Roger
I had a CDP-10 for many years and really liked the sound. But I moved on. Their has been, in my mind, significant improvement in DACs since the CDP-10 days. The Classe sound is a very polished, rich sound versus some of the more modern very detailed, sometimes thin sounding DACs and players of today. But their are also new DACs with detail but plenty of richness. I have moved on to computer audio, so don't really have any recommendations on new CD players, but if you go that route a S/PDIF input is a good option to have if you want to go the PC route.

I am pretty sure they all had S/PDIF outputs, including the .3. That would allow you to use it as a transport with a new DAC.

The 10 came out about 2002/2003 and the 1.5 in about 1996. You can probably get all the data from the support website, which has manuals for all the models

bwgroupsupport. com
Thanks for the insight. I do like the rich sound of the Classe, and it sounds like the cp-10 was the last variant before the change.

I expect to be listening to just redbook cds - I don't know how much the new DACs enable other formats (like SACD) vs really impacting redbook sound (perhaps by upsampling, or other technology). I find it a bit unclear, and when you overlay peoples' varied tastes in sound (and various system impacts) into the on-line CDP reviews, it seems quite challenging to find your way forward.

It seems like I need to do a fair amount more research, although there is nothing like actually hearing the player.
Classe timeline: .3 .5 1 1.5 10 and finally CD/DVD1

.3 -- 1999
.5 -- 1998
1 -- 1997
1.5 -- 2000
10 -- 2003
CD/DVD1 -- 2001
Thanks - very clear. I could not find a single review of the CD/DVD1 on the web (announcements yes, but no reviews). Was that a good unit or a flop? I realize it was touted by Classe as a replacement for the 1.5, but maybe the dual laser and other electronics supporting video did the audio no favors??

If a good unit (as good or better than 1.5) then this may be a good upgrade for me.

Thanks -- Roger