Early Beatles album question--

We were going through some closets at my wife's parent's house and found an old album without album cover or sleve. It's titled "Meet The Beatles!" (Recorded in England) Mfg by Capital Records, Inc. Side one has 1.) I want to hold your hand 2.) I saw her standing there 3) This boy 4) It won't be long 5.) All I've got to do 6.) All my loving-- Is this their first album? I'm sure there's an audiogoner that has this album. Does anyone know what year this is from? Thanks! Stan
I'm pretty sure I'm right on this, at least concerning US release. European realease dates may be different. "Introducing The Beatles" was released in 1963 with "Meet The Beatles" being released a year later.
Lugnut, thanks! Do you think that they cut very many of these albums at that time? Is this original issue album a rare item now? Just curious. Stan
"Meet the Beatles" was the first Capitol album released in the US, on Jan. 20, 1964, a few weeks before the lads' arrival on these shores. "Introducing the Beatles" came out on Vee Jay in July 1963. There were two Parlaphone releases in the UK in 1963 ("Please Please Me" and "With the Beatles"). Because Parlaphone got a year's head start, Capitol was throwing together compilations practically at random in the early days, and there's little correlation between UK and US releases pre-Revolver.

As to its value, don't hold your breath. "Meet the Beatles" entered the Billboard album charts on 2/1/64, hit #1 two weeks later, and wasn't knocked out of the #1 slot until 5/2/64 (by--what else?--"The Beatles' Second Album"). In other words, it was a huge seller in its time, and there are probably plenty of copies around now. There are, at any given time, multiple copies available on eBay for under $10.

By the way, it matters (at least for the sake of sound quality) if the album is mono or stereo. Mono was definitely better.
Pabelson, wow... Thanks for all the information. I wasn't planing on selling the album. I was just curious as to it's availability. I've taken a close look at the album. It doesn't say stereo or mono anywhere on the album. Does this mean it's mono?
If your catalog number is T-2047, then it should be mono. On the jacket it says "also available in stereo."
Hodie, Thanks! Yes, by the album side #'s (1 and 2)- It says T-2047 and under that it reads "(T-X-1-2047)." So I guess that it's a mono recording. The jacket and sleeve are missing at this time. Thanks all for your answers! Stan
Was cleaning out closed and found "Meet the Beatles" T 2047 w/cover and also "Beatles '65" T-2228 no cover with songs I've not heard of...any ideas to value, etc.
Beatles '65 was released in the US at the very end of 1964, about the same time as Beatles for Sale in the UK. For Sales' lineup was basically split between '65 and Beatles VI (June '65) in the US. The US albums were mostly filled out with songs that were only released as singles or EPs in the UK.

This is generally considered a weak moment in the Beatles' catalog, although weak is a relative term. As for the unfamilarity of the songs, four of the 11 on '65 are covers.

The world is awash in old Beatles albums. Even in a top-flight used record shop, you can find these for less than $10.