earlier Musical Fideltiy V-LInk to new V-Linkll

Anybody know of any differences between the first generation V-Link (now on clearance for $99) or the newer V-Link ll for $189?
I'm talking about the coax/toslink out versions...I want to toslink out..
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i have the first model and like it but isn;t the manufacturer's answer always less jitter, better bass, more transparent, quieter and, in this case, better cosmetics? have not had the chance to get the model 2 yet. i,m interested too.
Newer version will do 24/192 over USB, old version only does 24/96 over USB.
Thanks Realremo.
Hi res doesn't interest me, as yet. Huge backlash against it coming now anyway. I guess something to get whipped up about, like SACD.

As much as I like the improvements in my MacBook pro overall that the vlink and better USB cable has given, I'm heading to a Naim UnitiServe that betters any MacBook combo I've heard, and it's easy peasy. Not particularly cheap, but a good redbook player never has been either.
AFAIK the only difference between V-Link and V-Link ll is the box.

BTW - V-Link II doesn't support 24/192. $399 V-Link 192 (the more expensive model) does.
I have seen claims that the power supply has been upgraded, but I have not details.
You mean the regulation inside the V-Link ? The unit is bus powered and does not come with PSU.
Elboroth2 - The references that I have seen must refer to the internal power regulation. I agree there is no external power. As I said, I have no real details, just some one line references that I have seen.
I just read that the V-link II galvanically isolates the computer's power from the DAC, the V-link does not.
Realremo - do you have a reference? What I have read is that the galvanic isolation may just mean that the signal is isolated when Toslink is being used. I don't think it does anything for other interconnects. It would be nice to know if it has galvanic isolation in addition to the Toslink.
OK apparently I was smoking the good stuff that night, the above article says nothing about the V-link II. Sorry, jumped the gun there.
John Atkinson assumes that the V-Link I is not galvanically isolated, because Antony Michaelson of MF suggested he use the optical output if possible.
I'm not slamming the V-link, I own one. And you're right, I cannot find anything on the V-Link II that claims galvanic isolation.
I also tested both coax and optical out of my V-link I, and I cannot hear a difference.
The Vlink II manual specifically recommends the use of an optical cable for galvanic isolation.
Realremo - thanks for the clarification. I thought it was too good to be true at that price.
I really don't know if anyone needs or cares, but I bought a similar product on fleebay from a seller called Gigawork, works quite well and sounds very good. $98.
It is not always listed, but pops up on occasion.

The Lars Audio USB 01 24/192 converter is a must-have component for your computer-based music system.

The USB 01 24/192 converts a computer-derived USB input of up to 24 bits and 192kHz to SPDIF and outputs the signal on a 75 ohm RCA or the optical output.
It immensely improves the sound of your 16-bit 44.1 kHz music files as well!

• Asynchronously Converts USB computer-sourced files to SPDIF or toslink output
• Cmedia new CM6610 true USB 2.0 high speed chips
• Accepts high-resolution audio files with data rates up to 24 bits and 192KHz•
• Low-jitter clock recovery features reference crystal oscillator
• Self-powered via Asynchronous USB input benefiting from LC filters and low-noise local regulation and it can be upgraded via a external power supply.
• Galvanic isolation between computer and audio system prevents high-frequency noise from polluting signals

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 only.
I believe Lars Audio is the finished product part of a DIY company named Gigawork. Do you know if the galvanic isolation is built in or just refers to the optical connection? I cannot find any information other than the ebay ad. Note this is a Honk Kong based company.
Yes, Gigawork does take some of the best from the DIY community and further develops it. I belong to a couple of those forums also, thats how I found it and yes again, it does have galvanic isolation on the USB as well as a seperate power input for 5v to 7v. It outputs at all except 24/88.1 and 24/176.2. I had several of those files and had to convert them. Decided to go to 24/44.1. They still sound excellent.
Ebay has a note that Gigawork is on vacation. I hope this info helps someone. It really does do a great job.
This is a copy & paste from My Ebay, I have it saved:

•Accepts data up to 24 bit/192 kHz
•USB powered
•Asynchronous USB transfer, re-clocking with a fixed low jitter crystal clock
•Galvanic isolation between USB and the analog circuits, which means no noise from the computer will be transferred to your amplifier
•Super low noise power supply with multi-stage regulation and filtering
•For low out-of-band noise we use low order modulator
•For a more "analog" behavior (no pre-ringing) we use a digital filter with minimum phase
•The analog output stage is a high performance stage with high drive capability
Timlub - thanks for the info. So, just to be clear - there is gavlanic isolation on the ground and on the data lines? Any idea why it does not do 88 and 176? Is is possible they only have one clock in there? This looks like an interesting option to V-Link and HiFace, although I would like to have the 88 KHz output. It is not common, but there are certainly high rez downloads at 88 KHz.Thanks.
Timlub - looks like the Cmedia CM6610 USB interface chip does not support 88 or 176 KHz, so that is the limitation.
Hi Dtc,
I haven't opened it up, but I do have photo's saved. The ads clearly say Galvanic isolation all over the place. They don't tell you that it won't play 24/88 or 24/176, I found that on my own and upon emailing they confirmed. They use the Cmedia new CM6610 true USB 2.0 high speed chips. I know that Schiit uses a newer version of this on the Bifrost and there have been lots of post that there are issues playing the same files. My understanding though is that this is the sole difference between the Schiit chip(cm6631?) and this, so my guess is that this chip is the cuprit of why it will not pass these files.
My DAC does have a USB in using the Tenor 7022 which is 24/96 and in this case is not Asynchronous. The Lars Converter, clearly improved over the stock usb in with a touch of focus to instrument placement, It clearly improved just a touch of tightness in the bass and it clearly improved high end extension. I first used this powered by my USB only, it was quiet and smooth, before it was ever completely burned in, I found a 6v 1 amp walwart that I had previously added a cap to and replaced the cord on both ends with heavier guage, surprisingly nice little power supply and I put it on and never really compared or worried about galvanic isolation again.
Thanks Timlub. One of the hotly contested issues, among a small number of people, is that noise from the PC can get into the USB converter through the ground and then into the DAC and potentially influence the electronics and thus the sound. Can you check to see if their is any continuity between the ground on the USB connection (pin 4) and the ground on the S/PDIF output? That would confirm that nothing is getting through to the DAC on the ground. It is great that it allows an external power supply at this price. Any experience with this versus the HiFace? Thanks.
Dtc, I'm at the office, I'll check it out tonight and post. Tim
Thanks. I am not sure I believe that theories about noise on the grounds, but it cannot hurt to try breaking the loop. I know my HiFace is not ground isolated. On the $5,000 Classe CP 800 preamp/DAC with USB input, they tried to galvanically isolate everything put could not because of electrical codes in the US. As a simple converter from Asia, this may not be as much a problem. Some people open up the USB cable and cut the ground to be sure the ground is isolated. Tom
Hi Tom, I opened the box, metered the USB connection to the board, went to the ground on the spdif coax... Nothin... Just to make sure I used pin 4, I went to the opposite side pin on the usb, hit the ground on the spdif... nothin. Put my trusty Fluke on the coax ground trace to the board, and the outside ground... its squeals. Sure seems to be Galvanic isolation to me.
Thanks Tim. Good to know. Musical Fidelity is claiming isolation, but only because of Toslink. My HiFace is clearly not isolated. Maybe I will one of these a try. Or maybe I will just cut up a USB cable. But I do like the idea of external power. Thanks.
Sorry I didn't answer your question Tom about the HiFace, sorry, I haven't tried it. If your ever in St. Louis, let me know, I'll give you my info, you'd be welcome to stop by and check it out. It clearly betters my USB in on the DAC. By the way, took about 40 hours of burn in. I was actually surpised that I would tell much on a converter, but there was definately an improvement...
Hope some of you others on the thread get something from all of this, I had no intent to steal the thread. Sorry
HiFace 2 has the galvanic isolation. There is a digital transformer next to RCA connector.
Elberoth2 - does it isolate both the data lines and the ground?
It in on the spdif out side, not usb.
Elberoth2 - the question remains, does it isolate the ground? Any idea? I find nothing in their literature. Thanks.
From the 6Moons article, it looks like there was galvanic isolation on the original HiFace. I missed that originally. Thanks Elberoth2 for pointing that out. Since my original one does have ground continuity from the USB to RCA, I would guess that the new one does also, but I cannot be sure.
Hello all, just an update on the Lars Audio that I posted about... I had sent an email to Gigawork.. they replied that indeed the sound of their converter was more than they hoped for, but they didn't count on driver issues.. it seems that Kernel streaming and other formats won't work with the Cmedia 6610 and Cmedia is not producing any drivers. Windows has a couple drivers that work fine for Wasapi, but won't support ANY of the others.... Of course, I didn't know that and am using Wasapi...
Gigawork pulled this converter until they have a solution... if you email them directly, they will still sell one, but be aware of the situation.
I hope this helps, Tim
Thanks Tim. I did notice that they stopped selling the product. Now I know why. But I will continue to keep an eye on them.
Well they tell me they pulled it, but here it is...

I have seen claims that the power supply has been upgraded, but I have not details.

I contacted MF UK and they confirmed that the only difference between V-Link I and V-Link II is a different box.