Ear834p Question

I recently purchased an EAR834P phono amp and being fairly new to separate phono amps, I'm not really sure about the mm/mc setting button on the back of this amp. The in and out button has markings beside it that indicate mm/mc but do not indicate which position the button should be in for the different settings. A review of the instructions that come with the box was equally as vague. I have a clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, moving magnet cartridge. Can anyone clear this up for me?
In is MC

With your cart super loud is MM. Proper volume is MC.
Zieman has it backwards, super loud is the MC setting, as it puts the step-up transformers into the circuit. and the appropriate volume is MM setting. These forums have really gone downhill, lots of bad advice going around.
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OT: has anyone used the 834 w/a Dynavector 20X low output? Thoughts?
Button In : MC
Button Out: MM