Ear plugs for live musc.

My wife & I enjoy live music but I can't handle how loud it is. We recently saw Nancy Wilson's "Roadcase Royale" and it kicked my ears ass. For the last dozen years or so I have been using tissue paper to dampen the DB's.  I thought I read here some time ago about ear plugs to lower the sound levels but still allow the whole sound spectrum through.  I saw on Amazon something called Eargasms or some such. 
Can anyone recommend something that they found works well?  I did a quick search in misc. audio but really didn't find what I was looking for. 
Thanks, John
Check out Etymotic Research.  They make a variety of earplugs that fit what you are looking for.  Also make some great earphones too (e.g., ER-4 series).  I have a number of pair of their headphones and have used their earplugs when motorcycle riding for years.  Haven't found anything else even close to their effectiveness,


You stay home.

But seriously the etymotic research ear plugs are great for me,along with regular noise canceling ear plugs that I wear at work,mowing the yard,shooting guns or any other loud noises.

I have tried to take care of my hearing all these years,I'm 51, and I can still hear pretty good.My last hearing check showed I can still hear to 14k.

I didn't realize that there are actally more than one Nancy Wilson.
Nancy Wilson jazz singer -- black woman in her 80's and 
Nancy Wilson Heart singer -- blonde in her 60's.

The younger bond must be probably loud.
Yup the blond version.  The Wilson sisters have been playing loud for 40 some years.  Dunno how they can still hear. 
There is a line from Good Morning Vietnam where Robin Williams (Adrian Kronaur) asks a GI what he wants to hear.  The GI says, "I don't care, just play it loud!".  Williams asks, "What do you do?".  GI says, "I'm in artillery."
Another vote for the Etymotic earplugs. The ER-20 model is very reasonably priced and, like larryrs, I've used them for years for motorcycle riding where, as in listening to music, you want the full spectrum of sound of what's around you. 

They also have the advantage of coming in different sizes. One of my ear canals is larger than the other so I've always bought one pair of the standard size and one pair of the large size, split the pairs and had two pair that will work for me.

One other tip is to buy an eyeglass cord, the kind that are designed to let you take off your glasses and let them hang around your neck. The ends slip perfectly onto the Etymotic earplugs, meaning you can take them out and still have them hanging around your neck, ready to use again and lowering the risk of losing them.
 When you crank it on the stage, you can mask imperfections of performance. Many rockies do that.
If you go to a hearing aid place, you can have soft rubber molds made of your inner ears. Etymotic makes little SPL discs attenuation discs (5-10-15-20 dB) that you then insert into the outer end of the molds. The discs attenuate all frequencies evenly (flat frequency response), so you don't get the muffled sound of most ear plugs. I've been wearing them since the mid-80's, for live shows and personal performances. It makes gauging dynamics (your volume in relation to the other musicians) a little difficult, but it's worth it.