Ear Master One by Accoustic Reality

Any experience with Ear Master One by Accoustic Reality?
System configuration, cables, software, etc.
Thank you, All.
No, but I am very interested in Acoustic Reality as well. I have contacted them several times without a complete understanding of the products. I have asked Mr. Thomsen (Owner?) about their Media Center Computer and Master One Preamplifier through emails, but have not received a reply.

There is a gentleman here on Audiogon who owns some Acoustic Reality amplifiers and he speaks very highly of them. His system is featured on the Acoustic Reality website. You can do a search in the forums. This company seems to have potential, but they need some presence and support in the US.

Good Luck! I will be watching this post to see what information might come out. If anyone out there is supporting Acoustic Reality or has information about the products please post here or email me directly. Thanks!
Same here, tried to contact them but no response. I heard of them through Audiogon member Dazzdax.
I bought already Ear Master One with a pair of monoblocks Ear1001 by Accoustic Reality.My system sounds good but sims to me not enough bass.I belive my components is great, but all system need to be adjusted.Question is-How?
By the way, the service provided by Peter Thomsen from AR-ubelivable great.He answer my questions some time on the middle of the night(european time).
So ,I'm open for the system adjustment advises.
Hi Rnik, could you describe more precisely what is missing? Do you have trouble with deep bass do you want more midrange fullness? I think one of the characteristics of the eAR 1001 is the capability to deliver abysmal bass. I can say this because I also own the eAR 1001. Only I wish it had more midrange fullness: the sound would have be close to perfect in my opinion. I spoke Peter by phone when I was experiencing difficulties with the amps. He called me at home after some email correspondence, something I didn't expect. What speakers do you have?

Hi Chris
I have Andra by Eggstonworks full range speaker's. I use them before with a different equipment with match less quality. I have a perfect midrange now (my speakers have a 2 midrange drivers each), but compare with a previous setup, its low bass. I think it not because of Ear1001, it something different.I newer use device like Ear master One and PC for deliver digital signal.Now it is my sytem.
My big question, how I can properly adjust my system in order to get deep, reach bass? Should I do something with siftware (I addressed this question for Peter already) or cables, or sysytem configuration?
I currently use Nuforce Ref9 amps. Previously I had expreience with the Ear 501 MKII and Mark Levinson 331/333, Pass Labs X250/X350 traditional amplifiers and some other more. My speakers are Thiel CS6, which represent a pretty difficult load and rather hard to drive corretly. My room is treated with bass traps in the corners, diffusers and absorbers in the appropriate places (built and designed by an acoustic engineer). To cut the long story short my expreience is that the EAR and especially the Nuforce amps offer tremendous control, their damping factor is 4000, they are extremely fast and their musical presentation is different than that of their traditional counterparts. I mean that because of true control, bass is not boomy anymore but dry and fast. I am a bass player and while I was burning in the amps and the power cords I was missing a bit of that beefier bass sound but after burn in was finished I realized that I have the most dry articulate and true bass reproduction I could have ever asked for. I felt that even without the tube traps music was enjoyable.

I am not saying that these little "ashtray" amps are better than a Pass X350 or Levinson No 333 for example but what I am saying that they are equally good. In terms of speed and control they are even better. Their midrange is not tubelike in my opinion, although some reviews suggest that, but they are very true sounding instead.

I know that the Andra is a great speaker and I think that we do not need more bass than enough. It is better to get used to music reproduction which is closer to the truth than to look for artificial colorations by cables or other stuff. Of course, we all have to decide for ourselves which is coloration, what is right for us. Maybe you will be happy if you find a cable with a litter weightier bass...

The most important factor though IMO is the room itself, speaker placement and finding the right listening position.

Enjoy the tunes!