EAR founder has cancer

Just heard that Tim De P. of EAR fame is ill with cancer. It seems he had colon cancer which was removed but it has now spread to his liver. I wish him the best.
Sorry to hear that.  Unfortunately, liver cancer is usually a death sentence.  I hope that isn’t the case here. 
I begrudgingly got another screening colonoscopy in December.  Stories like this remind me why I and all of you should continue to get screened at whatever frequency your doctor recommends.  In most cases colon cancer is completely avoidable with screenings and associated polyp removals.  I saw John Andretti just passed away the other day after a multi-year battle with colon cancer.  He didn't get screened until it was already at stage 4.  In most cases there are absolutely zero early symptoms.  There are so many aspects of our health and life in general that we can't control but this is one that we largely can.
Sad. I have one his early designs. A massive 90 pound beast. Spoke to him once. F### cancer.

Ah, jeez. That’s awful news. He’ll be in my prayers for sure, and I wish him the absolute very best. 
A six year journey for father in law - but with incredible care and amazing insurance, he is still kicking... some amazing advances being made with genetic testing in concert with immunotherapy- yes prayers for Tim, one of the greats :-)
Even IF you don’t own his gear, get a Waterlilly or MoFi recording he helped design the chain for... and better understand his IMO towering contributions 
@three_easy_payments  Agreed.  Don't even bother with the ColoGuard stuff, just do the colonoscopy.
Augmenting jnorris 2005...go get the colonoscopy....
The worst part is the 'night before' prep. *eh*
Just get naked, put on a robe, get a good book or mag, and stay on or near the porcelain throne.... "This, too, shall pass...."*L*
Butt, y'all ought to know all this anyway....

Strong coffee works as a great mouthwash...;)
If it's in his liver, the next big step might be removal and dialysis....

I had a co-worker whose liver went down...he said his 'goodbyes' and moved on....:(  Just didn't want to exist that way...
Greg was a good friend for the while I knew him.

Hope Tim has a better chance, the therapy's have improved a lot since then.... 

I own a TAVR aortic valve....otherwise, this post wouldn't exist...

You are so right @tomic601, the Water Lily recordings are as good as recordings get. Tim de Paravicini designed and built the tube electronics in Kav Alexander’s analog tape recorder and microphones.

When Ry Cooder, a man VERY serious about the tone and timbre of his guitar (if you’ve seen and heard Ry live, you know how good is the sound he gets out of his Strat and pile of old tube amps), heard a Water Lily LP, he wondered aloud why his recordings didn’t sound that good. He ended up making a Water Lily album himself, the Grammy Award-winning A Meeting by The River.

Water Lily’s operations are located in Santa Barbara, California, as was Roger Modjeski/Music Reference/RAM Tube Works. Kav uses RAM tubes in the recorder and mics measured and matched by Roger himself, though I’ll bet he also has a stash of Telefunkens.

I sat and talked with Paravicini at the S. California Hi-Fi Show one year, unfortunately before I had acquired one of his EAR-Yoshino 868L pre-amps. One subject we discussed was old tubes, and he told me he favoured Mullards.

He is still on this side of the grass and there are new therapies for metastatic colon cancer so we do pull it off once in a while. If he is a tough guy he might just make it through this one. 
Us guys tend to ignore problems until they "bite us in the ass." You have to get proactive with your health care especially after age 40. The older you get the more traps there are to fall into. Get your routine healthcare and always report a new or worsening symptom immediately.
Also, if you do not like your personal physician find one you do and stay away from nurse practitioners. They may be well intentioned, nice people but they do not have the facility or training to function appropriately as a personal physician. They are just cheap labor that medical corporations can use to control large populations of people. Our medical system is being industrialized so that bureaucrats and pharmaceutical companies can steal your money and the government is not about to fix it. The first casualty in all of this will be personal physicians. You will no longer be a patient of Dr so and so. You will be a patient of Partner's or BIDCO or whatever large medical entity is in your area. There will be no personal connection, nobody on your side. Medical professionals will all work for some conglomerate not you. The old family doc is almost dead for good.
+ mijostyn
Wasn't long before it got political. This is fact and every time we vote for one side, the worse it will get.
Oh. Poor Tim!
Better go and see him properly soon, he’s here in the UK. But chatting to him isn’t straight forward, I’ve learned. We’ve had some great chats over the decades. I was only wondering the other day after seeing him at Munich last year what would happen to EAR-Yoshino as it’s brilliant designer ages.
Roger Modjeski....now Tim de Paravicini....
I write this while listening to an absolute masterpiece of an amp Rogers’s magnificent RM9, knowing it’s a tough fight ahead but that outcomes improve every day. I hope Tim can get access to the best care.
Terrible news, I have recently dealt directly with his company in England. Wonderful people to work with. I wish him all the best!!
The glass is half full ——— NOT half empty!

I survived cancer just about 11 years ago.  It can be done.  One day at a time, a couple of major surgeries and now it seems like ancient history.

72 and still going strong.  Playing and listening to great music on my rig......when not riding horses.

Keep smilin’!
Please get screened for colon cancer at 50 years of age. It saved my life 15 years ago. No symptoms but found multiple polyps - one so large I needed surgery - I should be dead now. God Bless early detection - 7 inches of your colon to get rid of cancer is a great trade off - especially if it has not metastasized !! I will put Tim D P in my prayers.

Happy Listening and God Bless Technology in the USA!

DCA (both oral and intravenous) can be an effective treatment for colon cancer. DCA cancer treatment can cause symptom improvement, tumour shrinkage, tumour stability, or reduction in the colon cancer blood marker CEA. You can find more information at dcaguide.org

Always health issues are sad issues, and only then we remember how vulnerable we are. Unfortunately cancer is still extremely high on the list as the leading cause of deaths before the age of 70. Hope he recovers.


@petg60: Alas, Tim passed away in December of 2020. Those of us who own one (or more) of his amps and/or pre-amps consider ourselves fortunate. 

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