EAR Footers: Which ones, how to install?

Picked up a bunch of the little rubber things, hopped over to their website to get some info, seems their domain name is up for sale. I have a dozen of the little ones, which I believe is meant for sub 15lb gear, and 20 of the crown style bigger footers that is meant for heavier stuff. I've been told by the Parts Connection to use the little ones as a direct replacement on tuners and CDP's and to use one of the big ones per 10lbs on heavy stuff (so my BATVK500 amp woulds need 10 of the big footers?) Finally, any recommendations on some sort of glue I can use, to attach the feet to the underside of amps etc, but if need be remove the feet without destroying the underside of the gear? Thanks for any and all replies, Jeff
Jeff, I've just been using the EAR feet unattached, resting the equipment on them like cones. If one wanted to attach them more securely, I think that a silicone caulk type adhesive would be one possibility. I have been able to it peel off of any smooth metal surface after drying, if I desired. Just use a minimal amount. And I'd check to make sure it did't mar the finish by applying a small amount in an inconspicuous spot first. Will.
Good idea Will, shouldn't harm anything to use a dab of silicone. Do you really need to put 10 of the larger footers under a 100lb amp? Thanks, Jeff
Jeff, I believe that the Parts Connection catalog said that the large feet were rated to hold at least 15 lbs, so you could try just 6 & see what you think. It occurred to me that another good adhesive would be black butyl rubber that you purchase in caulk gun tubes, it's a little less agressive adhesive than silicone.
A rubber cement such as Goodyear Pliobond might do the job, & it is easily peelable for later removal.