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I work in a loud enviroment, about 85 to 90 db. I wear foam ear plugs 29 nrr and ear muffs 30 nrr. I work a 12 hour shift but no more than 3 days in a row. I also wear hearing protection when mowing the yard, snow blower, and motorcycling.I'm 56 years old. Will probably work up to 65. My right ear is fine. The left ear rings which is probably why it does not test as well as the right ear. It has had this ring since I was about 19.I only listen to music about 4 hours a week. Peak spl about 94 db. Most of the music is below that. Listen to classical, jazz, blues, blugrass, and a little bit of rock.Any audiophiles out there that work in similar conditions and care about there ears. I'm hoping to enjoy this hobby into my 70s if I live that long with decent hearing.
I was in the metal fabrication industry for almost 30 years and wore foam earplugs every day. I can honestly say that my hearing was saved from using protection.

My office is pretty quiet, but my commute is 90 miles a day on a motorcycle.

I hope that by using in ear headphones and not playing my iPod or HiFiMan players too loud means I am not necessarily damaging my hearing?

This is an important thread for all of us, and I think it takes less than a loud working environment to damage one's hearing.
I listen to my stereo for at least an hour a day and my left ear has been bothering me lately so I keep the volume down some when I'm actually in the room. Ear fatigue is real so I pay attention to it. I play drums for fun in my spare time too and wear ear protection when I do. I know some damage has occurred over the years from concerts, loud music etc. My advice is, just pay attention to how your ears feel, be aware of the volume when listening to music and do the best to protect your ears. I'm 57. I would never go to a concert anymore without at least carrying my ear plugs in case I needed them. I use the ETY plugs
Have you tried listening in mono? Things may sound much better in mono vs stereo since you are getting such an imbalance.
Work sounds rough but better than asbestos removal...
See an audiologist about custom fitted earplugs that will prevent leaks.
I have used etymotic's earplugs for some time when mowing my lawn and using the snowblower. I also used them when I attended automotive auctions (I was a buyer for a new car dealership)where loud ambient noise is the norm. One thing I noticed is when attending auctions where 6-10 lines of auto's were going at the same time, they filtered noise to allow me to concentrate easier on the lane I was buying in.

Whether its these plugs or just foam plugs, you only have 2 ears and I have not heard of a hearing transplant!
Invest in some custom fitted ear protecton. They're worth every penny spent,IMHO. Also,have your ears professionally cleaned at least twice a year,I didn't realize how much sound I was missing before having it done.
Have you ever removed asbestos?
Thanks Elevick, Tpreaves and all other posters. I do not I have a problem listening. The music is fine. But I will be seeing a specialist about the ringing in the left ear and will ask about having the ears cleaned. This is the first I have heard about such a procedure. Will also check into custom made ear plugs.Thats why I started this thread. For info that is helpfull for all of us. Thanks
Marakanetz, no I've never removed it. All I know is that in the Pittsburgh area too many folks died from working with it. Now it's a really nasty job wearing a sealed suit in a negative pressure environment and we have it everywhere.

Saygrr, a friend of mine had tinnitus and a properly designed hearing aid produced a negative signal/sound that countered the sound. He was impressed with whatever it did.
I've done asbestos removal air monitoring. It's not as bad as mostly described once you aware and protected also wetting prior to removal or any type of work makes it even more safer.
The most dangerous situation when working with dry asbestos(prohibited mostly anywhere).
Thanks Elevick I will bring that up to the hearing specialist when I see him.