Ear Buds? Any good recommendations under $100?

I'm looking for an under $100 pair of ear buds. Any recommendations? It's going to be used with my iphone and ipod. Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm currently using Klipsch S4 buds. I got them new for a steal at $40, but I think they're normally $80 or so. They sounds pretty good for the money although I haven't auditioned any other makes in that price range.
I'm using the shure E3c. I think they were like 200 for the pair, but I got them at guitar center for $60.
Sennheiser cx 300-IIs are still a great buy. Mine are a few years old (the originals) and still sound great, for the money. You can get them for around $30.
my significant other would recommend the Monster - iBeats by Dr. Dre, though I'm not so sure.
I have a pair of Shure and the Sennheiser MM200 Bluetooth, both seal the ear canal to reduce ambient noise and improve bass response. Recommend either, but I use the BT mostly for the wireless convenience and phone function.
Some headphone enthusiasts I asked previously about ear buds and their current favorites gave the Monster Turbines a thumbs up. They can be found for about $50. Personally I think Monster took an earbud and on the other side put one of their RCA ends on it and gave it a fancy name but they really gave the Turbines the thumbs up.

Another set of earbuds that were recommended were the Shure E3Cs. Very good-sounding (a bit warm) and the price was very easy on the wallet at around $65. Also the Shure 420 but you would have to look for bit to find them around $100.

Good luck.
Yuin PK-2s. Sit inside your ear but not inside the ear canal (if that makes sense).
I have the klipsch s4 buds. These fit in the ears and seal easily and securely, and are very solid performers and a very good value I would say. The tight seal may take some time to get used to but I have no problem falling asleep with these in these days although they were a tad uncomfortable to leave in at first. Also the cord is highly microphonic so perhaps not the best choice to listen to if in motion.
because i (or the kids) lose or destroy everything portable, i've stopped buying expensive earphones, watches, eyeglasses, etc. ergo, after cycling through shure, denon, etc. i got some skullcandy titan ($20 on amazon), and i tell ya, they're damn good. dynamic, very efficient, good tight bass response. not the ultimate in high end detail, but for listening to mp3 files they're great, esp. considering they're $20. the $50 klipsch s4 do (expectedly) sound a little better, but are as above stated a tad uncomfortable.
Better "Skull Candy " line.
Audeo PFE 011s.
I have the Sennheiser 300i that was previously and can be found for a great price online a lot. My wife has the nose and they are great as well. Also consider the entry level grad.
I snagged a pair of Shure 420s that had been used for a writer's review and had less than 30 hours on them. I got them from eBay for $100 shipped = pretty good deal, IMHO. They sound terrific and I amd very happy with their performance.

Be patient, good deals like that happen fairly often...

Good Luck!

I have been pleased with the NuForce ear buds.
The HiFiMAN RE0 is very nice.
Thanks for your responses everyone! It seems likes prices in the US are considerably cheaper than in Canada. Many of the models you're recommending are well over the $100 price point here in Canada. I appreciate your suggestions! My local dealer carries the Klipsch and the Shures, so I'll try those first. There's one online dealer that carries the Nuforce too. Unfortunately, many of the other brands you're suggesting are not available here. Thanks again!
Yahoo Shopping is a good place to look.
Try looking on Head-Fi.org on their sales forums.