EAR Amplifier owners Help

Hello Folks!
What speakers are you using?
I have EAR890 with EAR868 with GamuT L5.
It works but knowing that GamuT are hard to drive (did run GamuT monos 250i before) switch to Tubes and are never going back to Transistors =) Did know when I switch that L5 are not going to stay forever. My room is 24m2 and there are lots of TubeTraps so room is great. Sensitivity is good I never go over 9:30 on Preamp, but knowing from trials before how hard Gamut are to come alive. Thinking of Spendor SP100r2 or Spendor A9, what are you rest with EAR amps using?
ANY advice for new (used) speaker is gladly welcome!
Especially speakers with synergy with EAR!

EAR 890 is one of my favorite tube amps. Have you considered getting a 2nd and run them in mono configuration?
It will get to hot in the room then! Most likely I have the chance to try a pair of Spendor D7 at home in the near future!