EAR Acute or the Oracle 1500 CDP?

I had started on a path of the Doge 6, the Opera Consonance 2.3 MKII Linear and the Raysonic and now have heard the Oracle and really like it (I know the price point is higher). However, the EAR Acute also peeks my interest based solely on the design and ofcourse the designers speciality. I do not have a way of auditioning the EAR Acute. Has anyone heard both these players? The Oracle is a SS where as the EAR is a tube, however the Oracle did not really sound like any typical SS I have heard. Any opinions would be appreciated.
I, for one, would GREATLY appreciate your review of each of the CDP's you auditioned becuase I'm in the market for a new CDP and each of the units you heard are on the top of my list.

I haven't heard any of these. My current CDP is the Audio Aero Prima II.

I just bought the Doge 6 off Agon for $1k.

My path WOULD have been almost exactly yours, substituting the Lector 7T for the Opera Consonance, but I don't have the budget for one of those players.

Ultimately, I'd JUMP at the chance for an Oracle 1500 (or 2500), but alas $$$ is an object.

Good luck and keep us posted.