ear acute

Anybody can point me out whats the difference between mk1, 2, and the current mk3? Only know mk3 has the usb input...appreciate any comment and help..
Hi, I'm trying to revive this thread because this question interests me too. Has anyone had the chance to compare the different versions? Do they sound different?

I would also love to know this. Currently working a deal to trade for an Acute and so far, I have not seen a way to really tell the difference b/t the first gen and the second gen. The 3rd does have the digital inputs.
E-mail Dan Meinwald at: info@ear-usa.com
Thank you Rja.

I also wanted to ask if anybody has compared Ear acute with Naim cdx2?
I owned an EAR Acute once and liked it very much. Have no idea what version it was. Tube rolling recommended. They now offer a DAC as well.