EAR 88pb, Opinions?

Not much print on this phonostage. Anyone compare it to the EAR324 or other phonos in the $5K range? It will be paired with a low output Dynavector cartridge.
Sonics aside, I would be careful about buying EAR gear. I had an EAR amp and it was very very difficult to obtain access to the el34 tubes. I recommend asking for a photo or two of the inside of the unit to see how it is assembled. IMHO.
The 88Pb is a wonderful sounding phono stage. I little forward, but superior in the way it plays music. You would probably use the 4 ohm tap for the dynavector.
The colume control is handy as the 4ohm tap has a lot of gain.

It is competitive with anything in the 5 - 10k range, just depends if it suits your tastes.
>>It is competitive with anything in the 5 - 10k range<<

It is grossly overpriced.
Considering the fact that I owned and home auditioned a good number of very highly regarded preamps up to $12,000, and didn't get from them the kind of complete satisfaction the EAR 88pb gives me for much less money, I'd say the EAR is a real bargain. I agree wholeheartedly with Downunder. Not only does the 88pb sound wonderful, it also provides top notch imaging/soundstaging. I feel it sounds best using either Tungsram 7DJ8s or JJ Tesla 7DJ8s. For now, I prefer the latter, but others might differ.
Opus88. I am afraid you and I have wooden ear's and everything "audiofeil" sells is the best and offers great value. - NOT!!

Audiofeil, If you have nothing value to add please keep out of any audio discussions because you my friend are the worst type of dealer and unsure why anyone would buy anything from you or why manufacturers would bother lowering their products name by being in business with you.

Most other non dealers here on gon are just trying to give "their" impressions of equipment hopefuly that they have listened to in their own systems. That my friend does give some help to other audiophiles, myself included.
I like the Art Audio Vinyl Reference. It blows away the EAR model at its price point.
Downblunder, you’ve taken me to task for critical comments on a product I don’t sell. Normally that would be fair.

However, you conveniently fail to mention many of the products I’ve supported and complimented in the threads that I don’t sell. Among them, Ayre, Nottingham, Analysis Plus, VAC, McIntosh, Dynaudio, Quad, Magneplanar, Verity, Zyx, and many others.

It’s disingenuous of you to single out one critical comment without looking at the big picture.

I have the opportunity to hear and evaluate many phono stages in the course of a year; fair to say far more than you. The fact is I’ve had a chance to audition your 88 and my initial assessment stands. There are at least 6 phono stages (some I sell and some I don’t) under $2K I find more enjoyable, hence the overpriced comment. How you spend your money is certainly none of my business. I seek high quality and high value products for my customers. To me the 88 does not meet those criteria.

You need to be a bit more fair and balanced but I assume you’re an MSNBC or CNN kind of guy.

BTW, contact any of my suppliers if you wish. They, as I do, deal with whackaloons every day. They’ll understand you.
I've tried the Vinyl reference in my system and found it to be slow, lacked bass responce and smeared the images. I acually found the little Sim Audio LP5.3 better in most areas. So I guess since I find the Sim better, it makes the Vinyl Reference grossly over priced.
I have also had the Ayre P5xe, BAT VK-P10se, Dynavector P75 in my system over the last couple years. For one reason or another they are gone. I am looking for something as quiet and detailed as the Sim with a little bigger sound and a little more weight throughout the freq. range.
After you emailed me hawking your product line over the EAR I looked into your previous posts. Since your the first dealer to email pushing your product lines I think I will stick with the opinions of those without financial gain when I go through posts about products I am considering.
I gave you an honest opinion based on years of experience with dozens of phono stages in a private email, not a public forum.

Furthermore, I wouldn't represent a product I wouldn't own myself so your financial gain thing is lame. Take it someplace else.

You certainly have the right to ignore the opinion though.

Good luck.
It's a good thing the verbal jousting doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the 88pb.
Bill you must of spent hours thinking of a down putting spin on my moniker, but that my friend says more about you than me.

Your critical comments are littered everywhere in audiogon, so this is no one off.

I don't own the 88pb, but have heard it at length and have given my opinion on how it sounds. perhaps I should be peddling my phono stages like you are.

All the good manufacturers you mention would not want you to misrepresent their products, that I am for sure.
For what its worth....I found the comment by Audiofeil the most useful. As a rookie in this hobby I welcome his short and sweet comments on relative value.