EAR 868 VS Belles 21A?

Just wondering if any of you guys have personally compared these two components together and how would you describe the sound?


What tubes are you running? I'm currently running the Mullards CV4003 and also have a pair of GE BP Mica 5814A that I may put back in since I believe they have better detail and soundstage presence.
hello wig, i find that i like raytheon 5814a and 12au7 in my 21a. also love sylvania 12au7 (organ labeled,conn or baldwin)plus brimar 13d5
Wig, I use a pair of Mirror Matched RCA 5814A from the 1950's. These tested very low Mic. and are the 3 Mica type. I got one set from Andy at Vintage Tube Service and they sounded so good I got a second set as backup. I am still using the first set after 4 years.
I switched out the Mullards CV4003's and put back in the 1950's GE 5814A BP triple Mica and the speakers really opened up with a more natural presentation. I can easily hear deeper into the soundstage.