Ear 868 compared to vac signature mkii

Hi everyone, has anyone compared the vac signature mkii preamp to the ear 868 or 912. I have the 868 paired to a pair of Bryston 28b sst2 and a meridian 808i cd player. i enjoy the sound, but i wonder what the vac would do different from the ear 868?
I auditioned an EAR 868 with my Bryston 28sst2's and enjoyed the combo; it was rich; full, easy to listen to...I purchased a VAC phi beta tubed preamp; which is sonically very close to the EAR; I thought the build quality on the VAC was much superior; the input options and remote were far better; and the sound was also a bit more detailed; more sonic depth; better sound stage;
both are good; I think from my evaluation; the VAC is better...is it better enough to justify the price difference is question only you can answer. good luck
oops; meant the VAC phi beta is close to the Signiture Mkii; not the EAR; my bad
mribob, how is the bass response of the vac compared to the EAR 868? Would you say the vac has more air in the mids and highs?