EAR 834p-- which are stock tube replacements?

I have a moving magnet EAR 834p, and a tube went bad. I want to replace with stock tubes. I have tried nos telefunkens but prefer the stock tubes in my system.

Are the stock tubes just off the shelf JJ Tesla ECC83/12ax7 ? If so, does EAR conduct any selection process for low noise etc? Or can I just buy cheap new JJs and get just what the factory provides?

Thanks for any advice. If you are compelled to suggest alternative tubes ( I know it is sometimes difficult to resist) please note that I am NOT looking for more treble detail, cleaner mid-range, etc. I am looking for a very organic sound with a rich, full mid-range and musical treble, which I perceive the JJs to provide. I am willing to give up extension and some loss of detail in order to get this.

Apparently EAR does not select those JJ 12AX7's! So just buy some new ones from your favorite supplier and you should be "good to go". JJ tubes have a good reputation for consistency!
RAM Tubes Works, after testing/measuring their incoming tubes, grades and selects them for different applications. Their highest graded tubes for phono amp use are those which test the quietest, possess the best gain balance between the two halves, have the highest transconductance and lowest microphonics, etc. As Roger Modjeski is a tube electronic designer and manufacturer as well as tube seller, he thinks of tubes in terms of their specific application. He does not worship at the alter of vintage tubes, only at that of performance and technical excellence, feeling tubes cannot be evaluated without context.
I bought mine used but it a full set of Mullards in it which the original owner told me were original but old. It apparently was an early unit.

The sound was wonderful. I sold it to get an EAR 864 preamp which has the 834 phono pre built into it. Now I'm currently using an EAR 868 preamp with integral phono section which is a step up but not a big step. I'm keeping the 864 and switch to it every so often.

Hope this helps!  

I just bought a set of nos Millard's for the 834. I have always liked mullard. Hopefully they will be great. 4x-5x cost of the JJ, but hopefully worth it!
I spoke with EAR's Tim de Paravicini at the Anaheim Show in 2014, and he told me his favorite tubes are the old Mullards. He often uses the 7DJ8 in place of the more common 6DJ8. The two are interchangeable, the 7 merely capable of running on higher voltage than the 6.