EAR 834P vs. Heed Quasar phono

Looking to compare EAR 834P and Heed Audio Quasar Phono. In the used market they are close in price, but which is superior soundwise as well as flexibility with cart.?
I was wondering the same thing too.

Anyone compare the two?
I once own the Heed Quasar. My friend had the EAR 834P. We did a comparison: the EAR had noisy cap etc. and needed another $1k upgrade to sound its best. It already costed $800 used to purchase. The Quasar was brand new and sounded very quiet and dynamic. The Heed is a well built and great value for the money. The EAR 834P requires a bit more $$ to get it on par but the again, why not just go for the Heed instead at $1200 brand new.