EAR 834P Phono Pre

Is the EAR 834P phono pre-amp (black version - non-deluxe version) as good as they say?

Would it mate well with a Dynavector DV-20X Low Output MC cartridge?
No, it is overated. Frequently modded, to overcome its shortcomings.
I find it rather warm, tubey and lossy. If you are looking for tonal accuracy, dynamics and a lack of euphony, I'd look elsewhere. It's not that it's a bad unit, in fact it is very listenable but its flaws are easily exposed in the right company. YMMV, and all that.
I agree, over rated. I had personal experience with two different models of the the 834. I move up to a VAS Citation I, as a pre with many, many features. Much better sound. I have tried the ARC PH 3 and 5 and also found them lacking.
Soft, slow, and mushy.

Highly overrated.