EAR 834P or Quad QC24 w/ phono

Hello, all. I have a question regarding a dedicated analog rig that I am putting together.

My turntable is a Rega P25 w/ RB600 tonearm, equipped with a Benz Gold (LOMC). Speakers are 12L Actives (built-in 909 current-dumping amplifier).

I want to place some tubes in the mix, through either a tube phono preamp or a tube linestage w/ ss phono card.

I can plug a phono preamp directly into the active speakers as long as it has a volume control. The EAR 834P does, and it is a great reputation.

However, for far fewer dollars, I could get the QC-24 tube preamp with a built-in ss phono stage. Given that my active speaker are also Quad, this combination may have a better synergy.

Certainly the latter setup offers more flexibility (although I will likely never add other sources) for a cheaper price. But the EAR setup runs my analog signal directly into tubes (except for the step-up, I think).

I won't have the opportunity to compare the components, so I'd like to hear some opinions. What are the benefits of a tube phono preamp (running directly into the amp) versus a tube linestage with a phono card?

OK, I have the Quad 24P running a Shelter 901 into a Modwright Preamp driving a VAC PA100/100.

I have never heard the Ear but it was on my short list when I bought the Quad. I am very happy with the Quad. It is adjustable and offers MM/MC capability. The Shelter offers plenty of gain for the unit.

It is actually a tube phono pre as it uses a very long life(100,000 hour) pencil tube triode developed (supposedly) for ICBM guidence systems in the 60's. The tube is hardwired and not "rollable".

You will have to audition both, or others, to make an informed choice. I made a leap, figuring I could sell it later, and have been fully satisfied after a considerable break-in period. It killed my PH-3. I was happy out of the box but it has become much warmer with break-in. My only complaint is that it can be a little noisy if you have it living near other components. Not a problem for me once it was located and adjusted properly.

The volume control is supposed to be very well made if you desire to run it directly to your speakers or preamp.

Both are a Tim Paravici (sp?) designed units. I am told the EAR needs some extensive mods beofre it really shines. That may factor into your decision as it did mine.
HI i have a E.A.R. 324 phono pre amp ,very heavy for its size. , i am using it with a chord 3200E pre amp and a rotel RB5000 POWER AMP .i cant describe the quality of the music from my cheap denon DP 1200 turntable .if i were you i would wait save a little more money .you will enjoy the E.A.R , NOT TO MANY PEOPLE KNOW OF CHORD BUILT LIKE A ROCK MY SPEAKERS ARE NOTHING FANCY THE OLD TAD TZ9 REFERENCEE ELITE. I GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO THE E.A.R. PHONO PRE AMP enjoy
Well, that's two votes for a tube phono directly into the amp/active speakers. I guess that I'll also have to consider the QC-24P, in addition to the EAR. It's considerably more $$$ and rarely available used, but it might be worth the look.

I think I read somewhere that the EAR is antithetical to the Rega, insofar as it does not excel at timing but throws a huge soundstage and is rather euphonic. I don't know if this is true and will have to audition myself (I think I found a dealer a few hours away where I can give a listen, instead of going on reputation alone).

Thanks for your input. Others?