EAR 834P or Cary PH302

I have 2 options only: Cary ph302 and EAR 834P. But I can't try it with my system. Have you compared these two phono stages?
I have:
VPI Scoutmaster+Dynavector 10x5
Cary Sli-80
ProAc D15
I like jazz and hard rock music.
I will be glad to your suggestions.
Best regards
I've owned both and both are excellent. I recommend the Cary.
I also had them both and the Cary was definitely better, and it was also quieter.
no contest.....CARY PH302
How much does the Cary cost?
A bit more than the EAR. Might be worth getting the EAR, have Mitch Singerman mod it, then use the rest of the money to buy vinyl.
A bit more than a bit more...


EAR basic $995
EAR MM/MC option $1,395

Mitch basic upgrade $300-ish

Cary 302 $2,500

I have not additioned the Cary - it may very well be better than the EAR (I like the Cary CD player I do have) but I'm happy enough with my mitch-modified EAR