EAR 834p no mod vs Jolida jd9 level 2 mod

Hello all: These are about the same price ( if I buy the ear used ), opinions as to how they compare please. The mods on the Jolida would be Underwood HiFi level 2. Also, forgive my ignorance but what are op-amps and why are they bad?
Thanks for the thoughts, Mark
Good question and one I am interested too.I got a stock EAR834P as well.
I'm interested in how these compare as well, but we may not find anyone who has heard both. The Jolida with mods isn't nearly as common as the 834P.
I had the unmodded Jolida and now own two 834Ps. To my ears the EAR phono pres are heads and shoulders above the Jolida in dynamic impact, detail retreival and bass extension, not to mention the great mids and highs afforded by the well-executed circuit. They work great with Shelter 501 mk2 and Lyra Argo i and Helikon carts.
thanks Stevecham. My understanding is that the higher level mods ( 2 and 3 ) on the Jolida turn it into a completely different animal. I will have a level 2 soon and also a JlTi ss along with the tube box, was just trying to avoid buying the Ear too! This is the problem with living where I can not audition these easily.
Any one else? Any opinions on the jlti?