EAR 834p mods - specific mods, specific sounds?

I have an EAR 834p MM/MC and am using the MC section with my Koetsu Rosewood Signature, Jelco 750e, Sota Star Sapphire, Thor TA-1000, Quicksilver v4 amps and Verity Audio Parsifal Encores. The system sounds pretty great right now, but I'm wondering if I might improve on it with simple mods to the EAR 834p. I know there are many threads about these mods, but I am interested in dissecting a bit the outcomes, because there are certain effects most audiophiles might like but I don't. 

What I'm hoping to accomplish, potentially, would one or more of the following: tighter bass, less noise, more dynmamics, and even smoother  more liquid treble, and possibly even a more laid back presentation (perspective-wise, more rows back).

What I DON'T want to accomplish are any of the following: More forward presentation, more treble balance (e.g. the old "it seems to have more detail because there is actually more treble balance). I like the tonal balance where it is.

So I'm wondering if I should piecemeal mods possibly with better (but rich/musical) caps like audio note copper/mylars (if they would fit), or upgraded separate power supply, etc. But are there certain mods I should not do because I would lose the warm musicality or make it more forward?

Thanks for any thoughts! If anyone thinks I would see more benefit buying a SUT (budget would be less than $750 used), let me know.

Not specific to your 834p but the one thing I have found that fits the bill in terms of everything you described (and I mean everything, like fits it to a "T") is to upgrade to Hexfred rectifier diodes. Just so you are not taking my word for it here's a description from Cary of what to expect https://carydirect.com/hexfred-rectifiers.html

Exactly what you are asking for it seems to me. 

Easy. Cheap. Depending on what you have the improvement could range from not bad to unbelievable.

If that doesn't work oh well, there is always the Herron.
Thanks guys! I decided to hold on the mods until I try a Joule OPS-1 MkIV I just bought. If that isn't the ticket I will report back.

The least evasive but offers the most ROI is tube rolling. Remember that V2 is the RIAA section so care should be taken with this tube. The tube heaters are wired in parallel so keep that in mind as well.